Sunday 4th July
Reel Islington Presents


Free entry, 2pm-6pm Whittington Park Marquee, Holloway Road, N19 3NP. No booking required.

As part of Holloway Arts Festival’s ‘Big Day Out’, Reel Islington are proud to screen some of the best short films in a large marquee in the park, run by pedal power! Green highlights of the event include:


2.00-3.00PM Short films which explore the alternative side: from puppetry to experimental, these films push the boundaries, including:

Dir. Liam Devany
World premiere – investigating the public’s attitude to bees and exploring how they are embedded in our culture in many unnoticed ways.

Dir. Sorcha Anglim, 6 mins
When a young boy moves to a tiny beach town with just his little red ball as company, only a mysterious girl in a yellow raincoat can transform his lonely landscape into a world of imagination and wonder.
Screened: ‘No Limits film festival’ and ‘Made in Essex’ film festival.

Dir. Navin Dev, 10 mins
Darker interpretation of Carlo Collodi’s classic novel ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’, depicting Pinocchio’s seemingly final minutes as he hangs from a tree.


4.00-5.00PM Thanks to funding from Islington Council there will be screenings of ‘Green’ films. These entertaining and carefully selected works from local filmmakers and the world include animations, music videos and comedies.

Highlights from Islington locals include a selection of films by Jane Garfield including 10 Top Tips To Save The Planet and Fair Trade: A Friendship for Life. A documentary by Joris Valentijn, A Day In The Life Of Upper Street (observational documentary taking us through Upper Street from sunrise till sundown), and The Box by Orbital (starring Tilda Swinton, dir. Luke Losey and Jes Benstock).

We are extremely pleased to present a series of Environment Films Ltd films ( including Islington Council’s Car Free Day, Coffee Factory – Fair Trade, and Banana Production – Banana Link.

National and international films include the comic One Of The Crowd by Ian Winterton and John Shackleton, the eye-opening Road To The Future and Holy Cow by Pamela Nowicka, a sampler from and two animations, Under Skies by Michaela Nettell (exploration of memory, imagination and perception. Made through bursary: and Vive La Crise! by Alexei Gubenco (the depression is coming!).

FILM LIST IN FULL – 4.00-5.00 PM

Pig Business 3:35 minutes:

10 Top Tips To Save The Planet dir. Jane Garfield, 3 minutes.

Islington Council’s Car Free Day 6 minutes.

Road To The Future 5 minutes.

A Day In The Life Of Upper Street dir. Joris Valentino, 4 minutes.

Under Skies dir. Michaela Nettell 3 mins

Coffee Factory – Fair Trade 2 minutes.

The Box by Orbital (dir. Luke Losey and Jes Benstock), 4 minutes.

One Of The Crowd by Ian Winterton and John Shackleton, 4 minutes.

Reel News – 5 minutes.

Fair Trade: A Friendship for Life 6 minutes.

Banana Production – Banana Link 2 minutes.

Holy Cow 5 minutes.

Vive La Crise! by Alexei Gubenco, 3 minutes.


5.30-6.00PM Beespace, an experimental performance with sound, video and code from the world of the bee… Filmed over four summers, observing beekeeping activities, recordings of beekeepers lives and of bees are used to tell stories of their challenges and survival in the modern world. Bees and beehive habitat patterns, logs and cycles, create computer code making random generated improvisations. An extraordinary event, totally different to anything we’ve seen before, Beespace will be performed live in front of bee video images. The event is part video-art, part music-gig, part exploration


Commissioned Films

As well as showing films we love, we also make them. We recently commissioned : Six Short Films About Recycling: The journey of a can, a piece of paper and the future of all of us.